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Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung

S Suster

Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung  

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Liczba stron: 424
Wydawnictwo: lippincott williams & wilkins
Oprawa: twarda
ISBN: 9780781784672

Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung - Opis książki
"Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung" aids pathologists in accurately evaluating disease processes. It includes detailed chapters on interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, and neuroendocrine tumors. Organized by traditional disease groups, "Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung" provides a solid approach to formulating surgical and medical decisions. This text is geared toward surgical pathologists, pathology residents, pathology fellows, pulmonologists, pulmonology fellows, and thoracic surgeons, and includes the latest information on the best use of immunohistochemical markers, special stains, and molecular assays to aid in more accurate and cost-efficient diagnoses. "The authors present a unique and personalized style for addressing lung biopsy specimens. Their personal insights and suggestions throughout the book provide a great resource helpful in avoiding common pitfalls and in understanding what information clinicians need to move forward with treatment." "This is a valuable book on the evaluation of pulmonary pathology that provides vital insights into the specific limitations and challenges of biopsy specimens." Doody's Reviews Bryn Taylor Haws, D.O.(University of Kansas Medical Center)

Biopsy Interpretation of the Lung - Spis treści

1. Endoscopic biopsy technique; 2. Percutaneous needle core biopsy techniques; 3. Inflammatory conditions; 4. Fungal and parasitic diseases; 5. Degenerative and metabolic disorders; 6. Interstitial lung disease; 7. Foreign bodies and artifacts; 8. Benign lung neoplasms; 9. Lung adenocarcinoma and its variants; 10. Lung squamous cell carcinoma; 11. Poorly differentiated anaplastic carcinoma of the lung; 12. Neuroendocrine carcinomas of the lung; 13. Other rare types of lung tumors; 14. Sarcomas and tumor-like conditions of the lung; 15. Lymphoid proliferations; 16. Metastatic tumors to the lungs.

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